Volume 01The 60-Minute Workout for 9-ball and 8-ballBasic instructionsvideo01.jpg11187
Volume 02Things Your Mother Never Told You About 9-BallBasic instructionvideo02.jpg11119
Volume 03Secret 9-Ball KnowledgeBasic instructionvideo03.jpg11371
Volume 04Bert's 10 Best HustlesHustling knowledgevideo04.jpg11217
Volume 05Building the 6-Pointed StarPractice drillsvideo05.jpg11219
Volume 06Using the 6-Pointed StarPractice drillsvideo06.jpg11157
Volume 07Building the Interior of the 9-Pointed StarPractice drillsvideo07.jpg11220
Volume 08Using the 9-Pointed StarPractice drillsvideo08.jpg11224
Volume 09Safety Play for 9-Ball and 8-BallSafety knowledgevideo09.jpg11221
Volume 10More Killer Safeties for 8-Ball and 9-BallSafety knowledgevideo10.jpg11361
Volume 11 Advanced FundamentalsBasic instructionvideo11.jpg11133
Volume 12 The Mighty XAdvanced drillvideo12.jpg11132
Volume 13Rock Around the ClockAdvanced instructionvideo13.jpg11158
Volume 14The Big BangAdvanced instructionvideo14.jpg11159
Volume 15Winning Safeties for 96Basic instructionvideo15.jpg11173
Volume 16Bank Shots for 8-Ball and 9-BallBasic instructionvideo16.jpg11205
Volume 17The Speed VideoPractice drillvideo17.jpg11190
Volume 18The Shot Maker's WorkoutPractice drillvideo18.jpg11201
Volume 19The Deflection VideoBasic instructionvideo19.jpg11202
Volume 20The Advanced 60-Minute Workout for 9-Ball & 8-BallPractice drillsvideo20.jpg11203
Volume 21Winning Patterns for 9-Ball and 8-BallGame thinkingvideo21.jpg11204
Volume 22Aim to Win and Basic One PocketBasic instructionvideo22.jpg11177
Volume 23Intermediate One PocketGame conceptsvideo23.jpg11176
Volume 24Kicking for CashBasic instructionvideo24.jpg11314
Volume 25Winning Safeties for 1999Basic instructionvideo25.jpg11317
Volume 26Winning One PocketGame conceptsvideo26.jpg11328
Volume 27Introduction to Angles and SpeedIntroduction to Angles and Speedvideo27.jpg11206
Volume 28Intermediate to Advanced Angles & SpeedIntermediate instructionvideo28.jpg11249
Volume 29Advanced Angles and Speed - the GauntletAdvanced insttructionvideo29.jpg11331
Volume 30Its a HangerBasic instructionvideo30.jpg11339
Volume 31Side Pocket WinnersSide Pocket Winnersvideo31.jpg11342
Volume 32The LadderThe Laddervideo32.jpg11343
Volume 33Climbing the LadderClimbing the Laddervideo33.jpg11350
Volume 34Advanced Bank ShotsAdvanced Bank Shotsvideo34.jpg11351
Volume 35Part 1 - The Short GamePart 1 - The Short Gamevideo35.jpg11358
Volume 36Part 2 - The Middle GamePart 2 - The Middle Gamevideo36.jpg11359
Volume 37Part 3 - The Long GamePart 3 - The Long Gamevideo37.jpg11360
Volume 38Part 4 - Putting It All TogetherPart 4 - Putting It All Togethervideo38.jpg11370
Volume 39Advanced One PocketAdvanced One Pocketvideo39.jpg11372
Volume 40Returning the One Pocket BreakReturning the One Pocket Breakvideo40.jpg11383
Volume 41Problems & Solutions for 8-Ball & 9-BallProblems & Solutions for 8-Ball & 9-Ballvideo41.jpg11394
Volume 42Developing / Thinking Techniques For Pattern PlayDeveloping / Thinking Techniques For Pattern Playvideo42.jpg11395
Volume 43Advanced Shotmaking & Pattern DrillsAdvanced Shotmaking & Pattern Drillsvideo43.jpg11396
Volume 448-Ball, The Break, The Patterns, The Strategy8-Ball, The Break, The Patterns, The Strategyvideo44.jpg11397
Volume 45Rectangle of DoomRectangle of Doomvideo45.jpg11398
Volume 46P1-Professional Shot Making and Position DrillsBasic instructionvideo46.jpg11399
Volume 47P2 - Professional Shot Making and Position Drills Basic instructionvideo47.jpg11400
Volume 48The Soft Break in 9-BallBasic instructionvideo48.jpg11401
Volume 49Concentration and the 3-Minute Diamond SystemBasic instructionvideo49.jpg11402
Volume 50Secrets of 8-Ball & 9-Ball PatternsBasic instructionvideo50.jpg11418
Volume 51Cue Ball Control 101Basic instructionvideo51.jpg11404
Volume 52Intermediate Cue Ball Control 202Basic instructionvideo52.jpg11405
Volume 538-Ball & 9-Ball Execution 101Basic instructionvideo53.jpg11406
Volume 548-Ball & 9-Ball Execution 202Basic instructionvideo54.jpg11407
Volume 55Secrets of Making Long Hard ShotsBasic instructionvideo55.jpg11419
Volume 56Secrets of ShotmakingBasic instructionvideo56.jpg11420
Volume 57Jumpshots and MassësBasic instructionvideo57.jpg11421
Volume 58Secrets of Caroms and CombinationsBasic instructionvideo58.jpg11422
Volume 59Bank PoolBasic instructionvideo59.jpg11423
Volume 60the $100.00 VideoBasic instructionvideo60.jpg11424
Volume 618-Ball for MoneyBasic instructionvideo61.jpg11425
Volume 62The Shrinking Rectangle of PainBasic instructionvideo62.jpg11426
Volume 63Secrets of Banking BallsBasic instructionvideo63.jpg11427
Volume 64Safeties for 2005Basic instructionvideo64.jpg11428
Volume 65Best & Easiest 1 Rail Kicking System in the WorldBasic instructionvideo65.jpg11429
Volume 66The Professional Shrinking Rectangle of PainBasic instructionvideo66.jpg11430
Volume 67Part 1 - The LimitBasic instructionvideo67.jpg11431
Volume 68Part 2 - The LimitBasic instructionvideo68.jpg11432
Volume 69Professional 8-Ball PatternsBasic instructionvideo69.jpg11433
Volume 70The Stance of the World's Best Shot MakersBasic instructionvideo70.jpg11434
Volume 71Shooting Secrets of the World's Best Shot MakersBasic instructionvideo71.jpg11437
Volume 72Secrets of the World's Best StrokesBasic instructionvideo72.jpg11457
Volume 73Secrets of One PocketBasic instructionvideo73.jpg11458
Volume 74The Magic 2 Rail Kicking SystemBasic instructionvideo74.jpg11459
Volume 75How to Play for and Use Ball in HandBasic instructionvideo75.jpg11460
Volume 76Secrets of Finesse Shots and Optical IllusionsBasic instructionvideo76.jpg11471
Volume 77Rail ShotsBasic instructionvideo77.jpg11472
Volume 78Advanced Rail ShotsBasic instructionvideo78.jpg11473
Volume 79How to Do It and How to Avoid ItBasic instructionvideo79.jpg11474
Volume 80The Book: "The Game Of Pocket Billiards"Basic instructionvideo80.jpg1
Volume 81Step 1 - Tight Pockets TuneupBasic instructionvideo81.jpg11475
Volume 82Step 2 - Tight Pockets TuneupBasic instructionvideo82.jpg11476
Volume 83Step 3 - Tight Pockets TuneupBasic instructionvideo83.jpg11477
Volume 84Step 4 - Tight Pockets TuneupBasic instructionvideo84.jpg11478
Volume 85Step 5 - Tight Pockets TuneupBasic instructionvideo85.jpg11479
Volume 86The Power Of Professional Safety Play #1Basic instructionvideo86.jpg11481
Volume 87The Power Of Professional Safety Play #2Basic instructionvideo87.jpg11482
Volume 88The Power Of Professional Safety Play #3Basic instructionvideo88.jpg11483
Volume 89The Secret Of Professional Pattern PlayBasic instructionvideo89.jpg11484
Volume 90The Secret Of Staying In LineBasic instructionvideo90.jpg11485
Volume 91Questions and Answers Part 1Basic instructionvideo91.jpg11575
Volume 92Questions and Answers Part 2Basic instructionvideo92.jpg11577
Volume 93Are You in Over Your Head?Basic instructionvideo93.jpg11579
Volume 94The Difference Between 9-Ball and 10-BallBasic instructionvideo94.jpg11580
Volume 95The Mental GameBasic instructionVideo95.jpg11581
Volume 96Chasin' da GhostBasic instructionvideo96.jpg11582
Volume 97You Got Lucky LifesaversBasic instructionvideo97.jpg11583
Volume 98Create Your Own LuckBasic instructionvideo98.jpg11584
Volume 99Little Solutions to Big ProblemsBasic instructionvideo99.jpg11585
Volume100Runnin' and Gunnin'Basic instructionvideo100.jpg11586