There are 3 things that you should ask yourself about your training instructors...
1. Ask about their teaching credentials?
Bert Kinister was a professor of Political Economics at the University of Chicago for 13 years. He has taught every grade from kindergarten to graduate school and has been the most sought after Instructor of Pocket Billiards in the world since 1991. Bert has traveled over 200,000 miles and visited 10 countries teaching pool in the last 24 months alone!
2. Who else uses the instructions?
Champions who have had private lessons with Bert: Neils Feijen, Tony Robles, Danny Basavitch, Judy Anamasaris former Seniors Open winner, Orietta Strickland one of the top players in the Hunter Tour, Roland Acosta former Pan American champion, Aaron Franken the current Pan American champion. Allison Fisher has a full set of Bert's videos.
3. Can your instructor actually play?
In the last 36 months Bert has beaten World Champion Mikka Immonen and U.S. Open Champion Jimmy Reed. He has placed 3rd at the International 8-Ball Championship (over 900 players), 8th at the Derby City 2004 (with 405 players), 16th through 32nd place at the IBC stop in Aruba with more that 7000 trying to qualify worldwide, and most recently, 1st place "Undefeated" in Scotch Doubles with Orietta Strickland at the BCA Pool League National 9-Ball Championships. "BERT CAN FLAT OUT PLAY!"