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My favorite instructional series is the Bert Kinister DVD series. Bert is a super nice guy and has put out the real deal as far as pool and instructional materials over the years.

He addresses the topics pool players need to know, and gives drills that help you develop these skills. He has also worked alongside many of the top players in pool, which you can cheek out on his website,

Two of my all time favorite DVD’s of Bert’s are his “Speed Control” DVD and his “Pattern Play” DVD. Close behind this is his “Alignment” DVD.

In my teaching experience, most players could benefit from better speed control, better patterns, and simpler alignment. All three of these DVD’s would be a great present for any pool player (me included, except I already have them!).

As an addendum, buying a lesson for a significant other is another great way to help them with their game without having to know what they need or are working on at the moment.

European Student Champion - Terje Hjerpbakk

I’ve never been a fan of just banging the balls around so I’ve always liked doing Bert Kinister’s drills. Bert is in my opinion the best teacher out there and getting access to all of his dvds has really given me a boost in my learning curve. I’ve just returned from Tallin, Estiona, where i won gold medal in the “2010 European Student Championship”.

Bert didn’t give me the medal but he showed me the way. 
I know i will continue using this service in the future and I recommend everybody to join it.


California Roll David Mount, Yi Fei Mei, Joseph Martinez


After watching your tapes and listening to your advice for many years, I just wanted to thank you!I played in several APA Leagues and have the highest handicap allowed, so I’m considered a pretty good player by other players.

However, after watching your advanced tapes and a lot of practicing, I was able to step up my game and win the “Masters” 3-Man Team event at the “APA Nationals” at the end of August!

Thank you,  Joe Martinez

So you'd like to...' Get really good at pool.

For drills as well as instruction, I highly recommend Bert Kinister videos. Bert’s videos are for serious players and are the best videos out there.
I’ll caution that the most frequent criticism of Bert’s videos is that in each video, he covers one and only one topic or drill for the entire length of the tape. His videos are also expensive. However, the information is powerful and WILL dramatically improve your game. If you watch volumes 16, 55, 56, 71, and Don Feeney’s volume 1 (also sold by Bert), you will have the aiming and shotmaking knowledge of a professional.
I also highly recommend that after you have been playing from 6 months to a year, that you buy his Advanced Fundamentals tape. The exercise on this video will fine tune your fundamentals to perfection. I’ll warn that the exercise takes 6 hours to do initially, so it’s for serious players only. I also highly, highly, recommend Bert’s video “The mighty X.” The exercise on this video will refine your aim and stroke to a level you won’t believe. Bert’s website is and you can order his videos by calling the number on that website.

If you want to master this game, you are INSANE not to take advantage of this. Bert is the best instructor ever and his material is the best in the world. Go to

Bill B

Hi, I came across your video subscription on-line while looking for some good pool training. I have only been at it for about 2 wks now and your instruction has elevated my game tremendously. Just the tips on stance, stroke and practice routines made me alot better player. I am 50 yrs old now and wanted to take up the game again but this time actually become a really good player. There is no doubt in my mind that I can be with the help of your videos I will be raising some eye brows at my local pool hall pretty soon, actually I already have come to think of it.

Sincerely, Bill

Michael S

I just have a few things to say about Bert Kinister.

I have several videos from Bert Kinister over the many years of my pool career. I find the content and quality of his instruction to be very valuable and quite informative. I’ve had the privilege of taking lessons from Bert–about 24 hours worth. I went from a B- to a middle B to (on my good days) B+ player. He found a flaw on some of my fundamentals and said that to “fix” that will take work. He doesn’t BS. He put my right to work. He found a way to not breaking a bad habit but rather make a new habit. He makes you work! After about 2 weeks of using his “fix” that flaw hasn’t cropped since.

From what I gather on his videos and lessons, he finds something that needs to be worked on or something that he figured out, he wishes to convey that to his audience mainly us the ever knowledge hungry pool players. I remember distinctly on one of his tapes he wishes to “further our billiard education”. Now isn’t that what we pool players want?? For example, there is a type of a shot he calls the sucker shot where you cut down the rail and miss it. The object ball rattles and stays by the pocket. What he discussed and demonstrated is to slightly over cut the shot instead of into the rail and what happens is the cue ball misses and comes back up in the middle of the rail between corner and side pocket and cue ball on the opposite side rail leaving your opponent nothing. That lesson was simple. If you have to miss, miss wisely and leave your opponent high and dry. This was a few major gems that I have learned from Bert that has stayed with me for years and I use that technique constantly on my league play. This has saved my skin many times.

Next point on his style of teaching. Some of you may feel that he repeats himself. He has to to ensure that you understand what he is trying to teach. As once a teacher myself, sometimes you have to repeat a point not in the same words but using different examples and saying the point in a different way. When he did this when I took lessons from him, he broke something down so completely it was almost too simple. He then said now combine that with everything for this idea or shot and see what happens. I would see the light bulb turn on and it would make complete sense.

And finally his lessons.

When I went to take lessons from Bert, I had no idea of what to expect. I was quite nervous! After a few minutes of watching me pocket a few balls he said “Ok stop. I see something that needs fixed.” He tailored the instructions, drills, and technique to ME. After a few months of practice and more hours with Bert, my game has improved to a new level. Not long after the lessons, I earned my MVP in Chicago Bud Leagues. Talk about improvement! There is a drill that he had me to improve the stroke that I still use to this day on my 9 foot Olhausen at home (got last fall finally!).

Thank you Bert for the tapes and lessons (If i can get the time to come back someday). Keep up the good work and keep making those very difficult tapes such as the ladder and 9 star. I’m still trying to master that one!

My fellow pool players, give Bert a chance. He is a warehouse of knowledge and experience that he is willing to share and teach to those who are willing to work for it.

thank you

Red Witch

Rather you are a beginner, average, or seeking to reach the next level in your pool game Bert Kinister’s variety of pool video’s are the best out there. #1 suits all beginner and advance players. Many of the shots shown come up time and time again in nine-ball. Also it demonstrates how to control the cue ball and the importance of ensuring the cue ball runs through the center of the table after pocketing the ball because if you do this you will never ever scratch.

I was one of the lucky ones that had Bert has a scotch double partners, in Reno, a few years back and of course we won. Without Bert’s instructions I would never have known that for the last 15 years I was unable to hit the center of the cueball. I was completley flabbergasted and with his help he has straighten out my stroke and my game has vastly improved. Just like any sport there are no quick fixes but if you are dedicated and really want to become a better player then his video’s will get you there.

It is up to you to work hard and practice correctly. A true pool player will know the value of Bert’s DVD’s just ask the #1 professional pool player Neils Feijen.

Red Witch

I have viewed most of Bert’s videos and found them to be informative and helpful in improving my game. I do not regret buying any of his videos and found that they were a good value. When I go back and watch a video for a second or third time; some point or comment Bert makes will suddenly register and make a lot of sense. 

If you could download into your brain all the knowledge on his videos and then execute what he teaches, you can become a great player. If a person is really serious about bringing up their game; then in addition to his videos, I would recommend that they take some instruction from Bert; I have and it really improved my game. He has a depth of knowledge of the game, with the “hands on experience” of playing at a high level. As a result, he is able to tailor his instruction to where you need help; rather than “cookie cutter” lessons from an instruction book. He is not “out to make a quick buck”, if you ask him after your lesson, “When should I come back for another lesson”, his reply is always “You will know when you are ready”


Bert’s first video is great and his star-pattern videos are priceless. Some of his videos seem a little empty but the information is worth the price. You’re not going to watch a video and immediately get better. Everyone on this site probably already knows that.

I see his critics all over the web. People talk about him “maximizing profit” like he’s living in some huge house in the Hills laughing at all the suckers! Come to Hawley’s in Dallas and meet the man for yourself. He’s a genuine, knowledgeable and enthusiastic person. He’s brilliant in more than just pool.

Yes, he repeats himself. He’s weird, who cares? He’s exactly the same way in personal instruction. It’s like having a motivational speaker. He looks for the right words to use for you. That unfortunately doesn’t come across well on camera. He’s not a professional video editor. He’s a professional pool instructor. The information is gold. If you don’t get it – maybe you should call or email ( him to ask why.

His instruction is amazing. He doesn’t steer you wrong. If you find a better instructor, then good for you – go for it. There is no #1 right way. He teaches technique to find the stroke that fits your unique anatomy and he offers drills to refine it and learn the table. He teaches from personal experience. As he told me before, he’s tried all the short cuts and he never made it to Granny’s house.

If you actually WANT you to improve your game, if you put in the work and follow his drills, it’s totally worth it. Bert’s an absolute gem and his instructional videos are fantastic. Buy one or three at a time and really work through the content.

If you want to passively watch a video to gain insight into your game – these are not the ones for you.